Gentile Days vol. 1: Immature Leadership

I haven’t been writing much lately, as I have two jobs and a household to run. However, in what little free time I have these days, I somehow stumbled upon a new(ish) channel on Youtube. This channel, which currently sits at about 110K subscribers, is an advice-style show featuring a young conservative Christian couple discussing things like dating and marriage.

I have been fascinated with them lately– not because I agree with anything they say (I don’t), but becauseĀ I have met these people before.

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Why I Don’t Go to Synagogue Anymore

No, it isn’t because I stopped being Jewish. That’s impossible. When you convert to Judaism, you’re in the tribe forever– for better or worse.

But yes, the title is true: I don’t go to synagogue anymore. I’m going to list the reasons why I stopped going.

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I’m a loner to the core. I prefer the company of myself so strongly that I might as well come with the warning label that if you befriend me, I need so much space you’re going to forget what I look like.

Many years back, I lived across the street from a laundromat. During this time, I was single, living with two roommates, and fresh out of college. I would wake up, sneak out, and walk across the street to do my laundry after midnight. Just me, a 75-cent can of soda purchased from the machine, and the faint hum of the dryer vent. I’d have the place to myself.

I loved every second of it. In fact, I still look back on it fondly.

It never occurred to me that others would find it strange until it was pointed out. “Why are you out at night? Aren’t you afraid of getting murdered?” others say.

I refrained from reminding them that people can also die in daylight.

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A Jewish Convert’s Guide to Christian Music

To date, one of my most well-received posts on this blog is when I talked about my struggle to give up Christian music. As I mentioned in that post, I am a very musically-driven person and Christian music was my favorite part of that faith. (In fact, there were times it was the only thing I liked about it.) When I got serious about joining the Jewish community, I painstakingly deleted hundreds– yes, hundreds– of Christian songs in my library that were not appropriate for Judaism. I kept some, however.

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Social Media Lies: Nobody Actually Cares about Your Crap

Yes, I realize this isn’t exclusively a Jewish issue. We all deal with social media, no matter what our religious leanings are. But, I wrote this and don’t know where to post it… so I’m going to post it here. Why the hell not?

Stay tuned later for a post about my Christian past I’m cooking up… for now, here’s a bonus off-topic writing I did about social media!


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