A Jewish Convert’s Guide to Christian Music

To date, one of my most well-received posts on this blog is when I talked about my struggle to give up Christian music. As I mentioned in that post, I am a very musically-driven person and Christian music was my favorite part of that faith. (In fact, there were times it was the only thing I liked about it.) When I got serious about joining the Jewish community, I painstakingly deleted hundreds– yes, hundreds– of Christian songs in my library that were not appropriate for Judaism. I kept some, however.

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Social Media Lies: Nobody Actually Cares about Your Crap

Yes, I realize this isn’t exclusively a Jewish issue. We all deal with social media, no matter what our religious leanings are. But, I wrote this and don’t know where to post it… so I’m going to post it here. Why the hell not?

Stay tuned later for a post about my Christian past I’m cooking up… for now, here’s a bonus off-topic writing I did about social media!


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“Indoctrination”? My Honest Reflection.

When I was in my undergrad, the movie Jesus Camp was released. As in, the movie that followed three evangelical children to a Pentecostal summer camp designed for kids. There’s a scene when Tori, one of the three kids, is prompted by her mother to say the Pledge to the Christian Flag and the Pledge to the Bible. (If you did not grow up in evangelical Christianity: yes, those are real things.)

One day, I was in my apartment re-watching the film on DVD with a friend who hadn’t seen it yet. This person was raised in a Catholic home, and he wasn’t familiar with a lot of evangelical Christian culture. Since I had been raised in an evangelical church, I decided to have a little bit of fun with him.

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Elephant in the Room: Tree of Life

It took me a full week to write about this, because to be honest, I couldn’t. But it’s time to stop procrastinating.

Even though I’ve touched on anti-semitism on this blog before [here and here], I never thought I’d have to talk about something like this. We American Jews are privileged in a lot of ways; we definitely aren’t immune to anti-semitism, but we largely haven’t had to worry about large-scale anti-semitic attacks. We are protected by American civil rights laws. Things were not perfect, but for the most part, we could live our lives.

Until now. Last Shabbat, a very sick man made the choice to burst into a synagogue and shoot 11 Jews. Suddenly America isn’t the safe haven we had hoped it would be. When I learned about it, I screamed.

I should probably warn you… the rest of this blog post might be quite angry. I’ve passed the sadness stage, and now I’m straight-up pissed off.

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